Mid-res show, CalArts

Installation views and plans from my mid-res show this year at CalArts, March 2014. The show was called 'AND: of the spacing, the interval' and dealt with the (dis)orientation of space and emotions. My research object: the dollhouse.


Light Invisible

Helen Pashgian's current installation, up at LACMA. This is the 79-year-old artist's first big solo show, though she was part of the initial Light & Space art movement from the '60's that birthed artists like James Turrell (who personally introduced Pashgian to LACMA's art director after the opening of his recent exhibition). This is currently my favorite exhibit on display at LACMA. 


Views from the studio

End of the school year. Getting ready to move things out of my studio for summer work. Here's the residue of the year.

(above) Paint left over from my mid-res show. Used it to paint on a wallpaper aesthetic in the installation.

(above) Notes from crit.

(above) My screen ready for printing.



This summer I'm going to SciArc's Making + Meaning program, a 5 week long intensive introduction to the discipline of architecture. Time to get supplies. 

Owen's Valley etc.

Spent the weekend in Owen's Valley on a short trip with our graduate seminar photo class. Our teacher drove; we had the luxury of sleeping in the van or looking out at desert landscapes and red rock canyons. Passed the occasional Joshua Tree. Got rooms in a hotel in the small town of Lone Pine, looking out at the Sierras. Drove through mountains, saw ice and old wooden log cabins sitting on the side of the mountain - they'd been 'grandfathered in'. Lots of white, everywhere. White earth, white mountain tops, white sun, white sky. Blinding. Drove into Death Valley. Stopped at sand dunes and tried to sled down them on cardboard boxes, but the sand was so fine it kept collapsing under our weight. Gusty winds, made it hard to walk through the town on the last night there. Visited Manzanar on our way out. Walked on cracked land.